How to Buy Online

Are you located out of Texas and looking for a seamless purchasing process for your next Truck? Don't settle for a rusty northern truck or dealing with dealerships with a bad attitude! Let us send you a truck you'll be excited about straight to your door at a price that you can't argue with. Give us a shout and our team will make the buying experience as simple as it should be.

Here are the steps to get started.

1. Find

Find the RMTS truck of choice in our inventory.

2. Finance

Fill out our credit application online.

3. Trade

Have a trade in? Fill out some quick questions on our Sell/Trade tab.


Love the terms and we'll take a deposit, send you paperwork and set up shipping. It's this easy.

Already have financing or paying cash?

Call us to secure the truck and we'll mark it "Sale Pending"
We are a no haggle store and these trucks don't last long!